What we do

Infospectrum provides expert analysis and business intelligence in the arenas of commodities and freight. Both industries suffer major challenges with regard to establishing beneficial ownership, financial strength and market performance. Our products, which range from concise due diligence reports to in-depth due diligence and consultancy, are designed to fill this gap.

Our History

Infospectrum was established in Oxford, UK by a team of experienced freight, trade finance and commodity market analysts.

Established in Oxford, UK

We establish a presence in the Americas

Our Australia office opens its doors

We launch in Singapore

We launch in Kiev


Our global Analyst and Client Services team

Spanning five offices internationally, our team offers an unrivalled perspective on the highly cyclical, volatile and opaque markets that our clients operate in. We work as a single team, pooling resources and knowledge built up over many years.

Our understanding of the complexity of the markets enables us to source hard-to-access information, interpret it and generate valuable intelligence. A characteristic that we all share is our focus on assuming nothing, on digging deeper to give our clients the complete picture every time..


  • Panos Panousis
  • Nicolas Defillion
  • William Hogg
  • Keith Shefford
  • Beverley Defillion
  • Alan Watts
  • Matthew Pickin
  • Stephen Saville
  • Efthymios Yfantis
  • Anthony Elliott
  • Arne Hanssen
  • Plouto Evlogimenos
  • Marina Lebedeva
  • Ian Staples
  • Eleonora D’Orio
  • Tina Anand
  • Elena Sukhova
  • Jon Mowll
  • Magnus Evjebraten
  • Jon Fyvie
  • Frank Elliott
  • Edgar Martin


  • Ven Loh
  • Wanting Huang
  • Victor Main
  • Jacqueline Phillips
  • Crystal Chan
  • Nick Wong
  • Nikolaos Deonas


  • Dean Hilton
  • Clint Knowles
  • John Zhong
  • Julie Knowles


  • Simon Hasslacher
  • Luciano Mezzalira
  • Angela Velasco
  • Daniel Woodrow
  • Felix Yamasato
  • Juleng Koh

Client Services

  • Rebecca Christiansen
  • Ben Grant
  • Gemma McSweeney
  • Andrea Turner
  • Helen Priestley
  • Kaixin Lee
  • Yvonne Twiss


  • Panos Panousis (Managing Director)
  • Jon Fyvie
  • Hamish McCorquodale
  • Rodney Style
  • Oxford / London Office +44 (0) 1865 420400
  • Sydney Office +61 2 4385 7674
  • Singapore Office +65 6435 0311
  • Bogotá Office +1 718 7011913
  • Kiev Office +380 995 501 635​