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From downloading an in-depth company report to commissioning bespoke research, there are a number of ways you can tap into the intelligence in our network. The result is always impartial, dependable business intelligence – knowledge that adds up to competitive advantage in markets where offshore registration and minimal disclosure are common.

Counterparty and Credit Risk Assessment

Assessing a potential partner? Setting up a new line of credit or extending credit for a single transaction? The coordination of multiple parties is an integral element of successful commodity and freight operations. In the absence of proper financial security, parties depend on cooperation, trust, and often open credit terms in order to carry out trade.

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This requirement makes the proper management of counterparty and credit risk vital for ensuring all parties are protected and trade risks minimised.

Need-to-know information

Our regularly updated reports give you the complete and latest view of a particular counterparty and include an independent rating by our analysts. Each report covers:

Ownership and management structure

Operational activity and market performance

Financial position (even in the absence of accounts)

References and payment performance

Registered details

Infospectrum rating