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The chartering and freight industry is high-pressured, requiring companies to make large, high-value decisions with both established companies and market entrants at short turnarounds. 

Maritime, Energy & Commodities Intelligence Databank

Accurate business intelligence is crucial to ensure you are well-informed and in full possession of the relevant information before committing to transactions, trade agreements, partnerships, and more.

What can business intelligence reveal?

You may need access to highly sensitive information in order to inform your current situation. A trade partnership might require insights into a company’s market position, its annual growth, or sales history, enabling you to assess the strength of the opportunity.

You might need to know the financial status of your closest competitor, in order to predict future growth, investment opportunities, or threat levels. Everything from performance records, operational standards, and productivity to credit ratings, debts, and legal histories is digitally recorded, often by law, making the potential value of accurate business intelligence huge.

Companies are typically cautious when revealing company records but business intelligence providers can access this information, giving you a comprehensive understanding of the counterparties you are dealing with and their potential viability as partners, competitors, opportunities or threats.


Our business intelligence databank


We understand the time-sensitive pressures our clients face when responding to emerging trade opportunities. Whether your business market is maritime, freight, or commodity trading, timely access to accurate information enables businesses to maximise on developments swiftly, with confidence.

To help our clients make informed business decisions, we maintain a comprehensive online databank containing detailed up-to-date information, and resources on thousands of companies. Our Online Databank gives you instant access to the latest analysis on more than 18,000 maritime, energy, and commodity companies – the largest resource of its kind. 

This process is strengthened by our active analyst team, which is directly accessible to all of our clients at any time, to help with queries and reporting.It’s the time- and cost-efficient way to carry out credit analysis and due diligence, research markets and understand business risks.

See how our clients have previously benefited from our business intelligence in this case study. For key insights into your industry and competitors, choose from our three service packages here.

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